Cool Hand

Love it! Think I listened to it 5 times straight haha… I seriously did.” Rene Doebritz

Cool Hand has been so well received in Australia that the first run sold out. As testimony to its surprising broad appeal the album has been picked up by Adult Contemporary and Jazz radio stations such as ABC FM and 89.7 Eastside FM, and also indie rock/pop stations such as FBi FM.

Money Killed Jonny Live

Recorded live at Venue 505 with Andrew Rankin on bass, Noah Hampson on sax, Matt Bourne on percussion, Ed Lee on guitar and Steve Robinson on guitar, trumpet and vocals

money Killed Jonny - Self Titled Album

An Ed Lee Studio Arts production with Ed on guitar, Noah Hampson on sax, Mez on bass, Rob Brennan on drums, Steve Robinson on guitar, trumpet, piano and vocals and Lenore Lovegrove vocals on Nothing More Than That.

As the debut album released in 2011, in essence it took 20 years to create. So many songs on this still favourites at gigs.


Frank’s Plastic Brain

A new album in the making with songs and arrangements by Steve Robinson.

Indie folk blues with a lot of soul

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